Cats and dogs can have worms as parasites in their gastrointestinal tracts. These worms can cause multiple medical problems for their host specially kittens and puppies . I had a case of a puppy that could not pass the stool because of heavy infestation with intestinal worms. It can be confused with cases of swallowing

Gum disease

The most common disease in cats ,dogs and even people is inflammation of the gum ( Gingivitis) . The cause is obvious, a moist and warm environment (oral cavity) that is exposed to food material few to many times a day which makes it ideal for bacterial growth. In fact oral cavity of pets can

Food allergy

Food allergy is one of the most common forms of allergy in dogs and cats which contrary to environmental allergy is non-seasonal and could affect the pet anytime of the year. The term “ Ear and rear disease” describes some of the common signs of food allergy that includes Otitis externa or inflammation of the

Hair ball

Hair ball is a common problem for cat owners. It is hard to differentiate from other causes of vomiting and gagging by routine tests which would cost money . It is recommended to brush your cats hair at least once a day for short hair breeds and twice a day for medium hair and long

Foreign body

During past many years I have seen puppies that swallowed objects from stone, wood ,tennis ball ,dry wall ,huge pieces of bones , owner’s hairs, tensol ,plastic toys and metal pieces to their own collar and leash and everything between. Others have ingested chewing gum and all sorts of toxic material. Buy a basket muzzle